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Brood mare from Lacoro - Sultan  

     Lacoriante at the mares registration


Lacoriante ( Mare, Rheinland / Dark Brown / 1,69 )

We bought Lacoriante 3-years old directly from her breeder in the Netherlands. In the following year she 
was covered for the first time by Florestan I.
Lacoriante is several times inbred on Ladykiller xx and has above that a strongly thoroughbred influenced
pedigree ( Manometer xx, Tin Rod xx, Ultimate xx, Un Prince xx, Earldom xx, Xebec xx, Cottage Sun xx).

Lacoriante's sire is the Oldenburger premium stallion and finalist at the german Bundeschampionat Lacoro
from Landfrieden. Landfrieden features two of the most significant Holsteiner stallions in his pedigree,
the all-time great stallion Landgraf I and the versatile producer of sporthorses Calypso I. Lacoro's grandsire
Reichsgraf is also the grandsire of Contendro. Reichsgraf is known for his successful progeny although he
was only available for a short time period.
The pedigree of Lacoriante's grandsire on the dams side Sultan (KWPN) is based on abounding french
thoroughbred and the influence of the Holsteiner stallion Joost, going back over Consul to Cottage Son xx.
Sultan, himself winner of S-dressage and S-Showjumping competitions as well as dutch stallion champion,
is also the sire of the highly successful producer of sport horses Sion ( Sir Oldenburg, Shine on, Sterntaler

Lacoriante descends from a very well known dam line. Her mother Foliante, going back to the KWPN stud
book,is also granddam of the breeding stallion Le Maitre (from Lanciano). 
Foliante's mother, the studbook premium mare Zoliante, is one of the most successful brood mares of the
Rheinland. She delivered several gold medal foals, auction highlights and national winners.
She consistently passed on outstanding movements, for example to the approved full-brothers
Dream of Heidelberg I+II from Donnerschlag. The older of the two, Dream of Heidelberg I is for example
responsible for Dormello, winner of the Oldenburger stallion approval. Dream of Heidelberg II, twice finalist
of the german Bundeschampionat, has won competitions on Intermediare II and on Grand Prix level.
Zoliante's daughter Goliante is the mother of the approved Del Vento (successful on Grand Prix level). 
daughter Cami
is the mother of the great moving Brendula (Burj al Arab), bought for 141.000 Euro by
Victoria Max-Theurer at the CHIO auction in Aachen in 2007. Zoliante produced with Lardyante by Larome
also an S-class jumping horse.

Lacoriante's great-granddam Ramona brought with Eyecatcher (Leslie Burr-Lenehan USA) and Ewald (Emiel
Hendrix NL) two internationally successful jumping horses and was awarded the title 'Brood mare of the
year' of the Netherlands in 1996.

Year    Sex Name Colour Father Comment
2002 Filly Floriante Dark Brown Florestan I  
2003 Colt Flacor Dark Brown Florestan I  
2006 Filly Dahliante Dark Brown Danone I  
2007 Filly Cosmiante Dark Brown Contendro I  
2008 Filly Belliante Dark Brown Belissimo M  
2011 Colt Belancor Brown Belissimo M