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Fohlen von Florestan    

      Flacor ca. 1 week old...


  ...and now fully developed


Flacor ( Gelding, Rheinland / Brown / 1,73)

Who would have thought that this long-legged, tiny foal would develop into such a great guy. The long 
legs are still there and not at all suprisingly he knows very well how to use them. Just like his mother
Lacoriante he has a very impressive waywinning walk and a way above average trott.
He has developed
into a real eyecatcher with his beautiful face and his tall, but very elegant appearance.



Florestan – a legend in his lifetime. He is the unchallenged star of the westfalian state stud and can show off
more than 70 licensed sons including german champions and world champions.
Especially his safe inheritance of rideability, versatility and easy going temperament has made him the No 1 of
the Westfalian breeders. Fidermark, Fürst Piccolo, Floribot, Fürst Heinrich, Florencio and Fleurop are listed
substitutionally for the breeding sons and grandsons of the Florestan dynasty stationed all over Europe. 
Successful sport horses are for example Forrest Gump NRW (Hubertus Schmidt), Floriano Deux (Nicole
Glaser-Käppeler), Focus (Heinrich Wilhelm Johannsmann) and Formidable (Franke Sloothaak).

Flacor has already a full-sister (Floriante) she has successfully finished the mares performance test and who is part of our breeding program.