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Here with her youngest daughter Corwelle


Donauwelle (Rheinland / Brown / 1,69 )

Donauwelle came into our stable together with her four years older sister StPrSt Desiree. Her sire is the 
Westfalian state stud sire Der Clou. Der Clou decsends from the westfalian D-line, founded by the
thoroughbred Devil's Own xx going back to hannoverian stallions.
The line of Dollart, which is the specific line Der Clou descends from, produced most of all jumping and
eventing horses. In particular Domspatz, great-grand-sire of Der Clou, produced a number of performance
show-jumping horses (e.g. Daniela, Dömitz). Der Clou won his stallion performance test with a score
of 125.95 and has been leading the FN breeding performance statistic of his age for years. He produced
german champions (Dimanche), his daughters competed successfully on the german elite mare show
(Dancing Girl, Denise) and also several westfalian state stud stallions (Derbyfavorit, Dollarkurs,
Donatello). He has sired sport horses successfully competing in show jumping and dressage (Dex Dexter,
Domina, Duvalier, Delta Queen).
The grand-sire Pelikan descends from Pilatus, sire of the best known Westfalion jumping horse sires Pilot
and Polydor. Great-grand-sire Frühling is one of the legendary westfalian breeding stallions, known for his
versatile inheritance. His line is unfortunately today only represented by a few stallions, but still quite
often found in successful dam lines.
Donauwelle's and Desiree's mother is the Westfalian state premium mare Piroschka, she and her mother
produced M/A successful and S-class placed jumping horses. Donauwelle's progeny shows a very good
talent for jumping combined with good movements. They show the versatility we are looking for and which
is plurally embedded in their pedigree. She always passes on an above the average walk.
Her oldest son Larido has been successful up to 1,40m.




Year  Sex Name Colour Father Comment
2001 Colt Larido Brown Larioni  
2002 Filly Rawelle Brown Ragazzo  
2003 Colt       died at birth
2004 Colt Cournado Brown Couleur-Rubin  
2005 Colt Coulorado Brown Couleur-Rubin  
2006 Colt Cassido Brown Calido I  
2008 Filly Carawelle Brown Calido I  
2009 Filly Corwelle Chestnut Calido I