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Dahliante ( Mare / Rhineland / dark brown / 1,69)

Dahliante was a very self-confident foal, moving around between the other horses rather independent from
her mother quite early. She also very much liked to get in touch with people.
She is now a lovely mare
always very easy to handle. She is an elegant horse displaying above average movements. Especially
her room-winning walk and her activ hindleg are worth mentioning. She has been placed in dressage up to 
swedish LA3 (elementary level) and shown in first medium classes. With the right promotion she will certainly be able to move further up to the next levels.
Dahliante has also been trained in jumping and shows a very promising technique combined with
a very positive working attitude. She loves to jump and gives the rider a very comfortable feeling while
jumping. Dahliante is now for sale. Due to her very special mother line she is also very interesting if you are looking for a breeding mare.

  Mare by Danone ( De Niro x Weltmeyer ) For Sale      Mare by Danone ( De Niro x Weltmeyer ) for sale
     ....Dahliante, dressage - jumping - or even eventing,  you choose - she loves it!

Dahliantes sire Danone won the approval in Sweden and was also stationed in Sweden for a while.
Since 2004 he is back in Germany, where he finished his 30 days test as the best dressage
stallion. Danone stems from an hannoverian dam line, that has produced several approved stallions.
Grand dam Bellis achieved a top score of 8,4 in her performance test, her full-brother Baltic was winner
in Grand Prix competitions. The approved stallions Dejavu, Asculep, Evergreen, Fernost, Feuerbrand,
Fluvius, Galippo, Golan, Herold, Lord Extra, Lysander (HLP Sieger), Magic Boy, Manager, Manitu, 
Per Gynt, What a feeling, Whitney and Winterprinz are coming out of the same maternal bloodline.
Danones full-brothers Danone II and Der Designer have in the meantime also received the approval.
His father De Niro, himself successful in Grand Prix competitions, stallion of the year in Hannover as well
as sire of more than 70 sport horses successful on S level. 
Further back in the pedigree you will find with Weltmeyer and Bolero, two of the most influencial
hannoverian stallions.    

Lacoriante stems from a very well known dam line. Her mother Foliante, going back to the KWPN
stud book, is also grand dam of the breeding stallion Le Maitre (from Lanciano). Foliante's mother,
the studbook premium mare Zoliante, is one of the most successful brood mares of the Rheinland.
She delivered several gold medal foals, auction highlights and national winners. She consistently
passed on outstanding movements, for example to the approved full-brothers Dream of Heidelberg I+II
from Donnerschlag. The older of the two, Dream of Heidelberg I is for example responsible for Dormello,
winner of the Oldenburger stallion approval.
Dream of Heidelberg II, twice finalist of the german Bundeschampionat, has won competitions on
Intermediare II and on Grand Prix level. Zoliante's daughter Goliante is the mother of the approved
Del Vento, reserve winner of his performance test. Her daughter Cami
is the mother of the great moving
Brendula (now Burj al Arab), bought for 141.000 Euro by Victoria Max-Theurer at the CHIO auction in
Aachen in 2007.
Lacoriante's great-granddam Ramona brought with Eyecatcher (Leslie Burr-Lenehan USA) and
Ewald (Emiel Hendrix NL) two internationally successful jumping horses and was awarded the title
'Brood mare of the year' of the Netherlands in 1996.
Lacoriante is several times inbred on Ladykiller xx and has above that a strongly thoroughbred influenced
pedigree ( Manometer xx, Tin Rod xx, Ultimate xx, Un Prince xx, Earldom xx, Xebec xx, Cottage Sun xx).


          Filly from Danone - Lacoro - Sultan       

                         Dahliante in a dressage test .....                                       ...... and three months old

                                        Dahliantes sire Danone ( De Niro - Weltmeyer)