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   Yearling from Couleur Rubin

Video extract free-jumping training 3 years old


Coulorado (Gelding / Rheinland / Brown / )

Coulorado is the younger of two full-brothers out of Donauwelle. He is built for jumping, 
showing a very sportive type with a defined muscle structure. We are certain that he will be
a future show jumping talent; he has certainly got the necessary genes and a strong

Free jumping he shows a very impressive capacity hardly ever touching the fences. 

Coulorado has been sold to the North of Sweden and we have already received a very positive message
from his new owner. We are very happy that he found a very friendly and caring new home. That Coulorado
has managed, even in a rather short time frame, to win over a lot of hearts in his new stable does not
come as a big surprise, knowing his fine temperament and lovely character.

Couleur Rubin, Coulorado's father, was Vice-Bundeschampion of the five year old jumping horses in
2001. His especially impressive manner, together with a lot of capacity and carefulness, made it
possible for him to become quite early one of Ludger Beerbaums young stars. He prepared him
thoroughly and carefully for the big sport. In the meantime they have achieved a first place in the Great
Price in Hamburg, four second places in Great Prices (Hamburg, Nörten-Hardenberg, Dortmund, Frankfurt),
the second place in the World Cup Qualification in Paris, the participation in the World Cup Final in Las
Vegas as well as the 1st place in the Hamburger Championat. 
That the exceptional qualities of Couleur Rubin are not pure coincidence can be proven taking a
closer look at his family.

His mother, the state premium and elite mare Grannuschka delivered the international successful show
jumper Conterno Grande, as well as 2004 the approved full brother of Couleur Rubin Couleur-Rouge.
She is the full-sister of the international successful breeding stallion Gio Granno (Franke Slothaak).
Other family members are Rubin Royal, Romanov, Don Chico, Tantris and as the founding mare of this
dam line the successful eventing horse Chica ( Rudilore II).
Couleur Rubins father Cordalmé Z was successful in the international show jumping circus with Gilbert
Böckmann, his lifetime wins amount to 129 thousand Euro (2004).
Plenty of his progeny participate in the international sport, several have participated in the Olympic
Games, the life time price money of his progeny amounts to 337 thousand Euro(2004)

Couleur Rubin has produced 8 approved sons, successful sport horses include Couleure Noire, Castle Forbes
Cosma Shiva as well as the international successful stallion Copasetic. 


                                       Couleur Rubin under Ludger Beerbaum
                                                       Dortmund 2007
                 ....clear round in the jump off, running very close 2nd in the Great Price of Germany