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Filly from Belissimo M   


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Bella Mia ( Mare, Rheinland / Chestnut / 1,67m)

Bella's mother is the state premium mare Cinderella. Bella's pedigree contains most valuable dressage genes in abundance, refined by a nice dose of thoroughbred blood.  
Bella herself shows distinctly the type of the Hanoverian foundation stallion Bolero. What we are really hoping for is that she has inherited as much as possible of the elegance and the impressive movement of her father Belissimo M. 
n the meantime Bella Mia has taken her first steps under the saddle giving the rider a very good feeling from the very beginning. She is very eager to please the trainer and finds her balance easily.
This way it is a pleasure to start up a young horse - with best regards from Belissimo M.
Only a few weeks under the saddle Bella Mia found a new owner and moved in the meantime to her new 
home, a dressage stable in Finland.

Belissimo M, highest priced horse at the westfalian auction 2002, 30 days test winner with exceptional
result ( 9,25), Bundeschampion 2003 as a 4 year old and Vice- Bundeschampion of the six year old
dressage horses
. In 2006 impressive start as a breeding stallion with 11 approved sons out of his first
croup of foals and up to now 30 approved sons in Oldenburg, Hanover and Westfalia.
The breeding balance of this young stallion already includes not only highest priced horses at auctions
( Bentley 310 thsd Euro Verden) and 3 Bundeschampions ( Bacchus von Worrenberg 2008, Blickpunkt and
Preziosa 2009), but also not less than 8 performance test winners! Belissimo himself returned to the sport
in 2011 and won immediately international competitions up to Intermediare I under Hayley Beresford.

His pedigree combines the sought-after Bolero blood with that of the DLG Exhibition winner Romadour II, founder of an outstanding dressage dynasty. Lucius xx on the dam's side and Black Sky xx on the father's side contribute valuable thoroughbred blood. Belissimo's father Beltain comes out of one of the most well known lines of the Hannoverian breed. His mother state premium mare Gänseliesel (Grande) is the full-sister of Garibaldi I and II as well as the granddam of the approved brothers Wolkenstein I, II and III.
Belissimo's mother, the state premium mare Roxa won the district show as a 3 year old and gave birth
to 3 siblings from Boss (also Bolero line),  all winners of  Dressage competitions up to S level.
Two daughters of Roxa received a state premium, the full-sister of Belissimo M  Belissima and Ambra from
Amant, herself mother of a breeding stallion (Cinamant K, Private Stallion Westf.) and successful sport 
horses ( eg Arabella 276).

Cinderella's father the Holsteiner Casaretto, is also father of 10 approved stallions (e.g. the reserve champion of his approval Cadeau de Dieux). Casaretto delivered plenty of horses successful on S level, mainly in dressage, but he also passes on a good jumping ability. With Calypso I follows a famous  Holsteiner who is known for passing on outstanding dressage talent.
Cinderella's dam-line has produced several breeding stallions.
The performace test winner Pfeffer from Paradox as well as more recently the Westfalian HLP –winner
and now Landbeschäler (Landgestüt Warendorf ) Peking from Polytraum. Further stallions out of this line
are the brasilian jumping stallion Pilot Super Doanjo and ECU from Ehrentusch (successful in international
Grand Prix with Karin Bettenworth / Dr Cesar Parra). Another highlight out of this dam line is the
outstanding, with Rolf-Göran Bengtsson international successful westfalian mare Pialotta from Pilot.
Wildrose, Cinderella's mother, has apart from Cinderella given birth to one more state premium mare.
Her father Weinberg is one of the most important westfalian breeding stallions for performance horses.
His progeny is very highly valued in dressage and show-jumping. He delivered international highly successful horses for both disciplines (Warren, Wum, Nikolaus, Goldstern).
Wildrose's mother Adria delivered as a special highlight, the state premium mare Piazza from Playmate xx. Piazza won the westfalian elite show in 1998 and received the 1d price (4th place) at the national mare show.