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From foal to sport horse - a long way

`Paradise on earth is found on the back of a good horse´, for us it is not only found in riding horses but also in breeding horses.
From this it follows that we put greatest emphasis on appropriate living conditions and a natural, healthy up bringing of our horses.
During the summer months all horses spend the whole day on the pastures, during the winter on large padocks.  
Our foals spend the first part of their life in our small herd of mares learning social behavior the most natural way.
At the same time we provide individual care from birth until the first steps under the saddle for each horse. This ensures a trusting relationship to human beings from the beginning and lays the foundation for a happy and successful partnership. 
Every youngster receives a solid basic training followed by an appropriate dressage or show jumping training tailored to the individual potential. Our goal is to breed versatile sport horses able to satisfy ambitious requirements in their special discipline. We built on successful thoroughly bred dam lines and first class stallions proven in sport.

Successful breeding means to think in generations, but even for a journey of thousand miles every little step is important.

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Fohlen von Couleur Rubin    

Nap in the midday sun.....                                                            ....motivated team work in the show jumping arena- 
                                                                                                            a long way