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Terms and Abbreviations of dutch breeding organisations:

pred/predicates - designations of higher quality such as ster, keur, preferent, prestatie, sport, crown

pref/preferent/PA - mare predicate indicating a good producer. Must have a minimum of three WPN offspring which are one of the following: ster mare, keur mare, ‘second ring’ son (selected for the Stallion Performance Test), Approved son, gelding ster equivalent son

pref/preferent/PA - (preferent) stallion predicate for keur stallion indicating increasing success of offspring above that of ‘keur’ qualifications

prest/prestatie - mare predicate indicating a producer of sport horses. Must have three or more WPN offspring competing in sport at M+5 or above

Sport - predicate awarded to mares with a specified sport record in dressage, jumping or combined training

keur - mare predicate higher than ‘ster’ (which is a prerequisite) plus successful performance

ster - star predicate for mare

Elite - predicate awarded to keur mares which have passed the radiographic exam required of KWPN stallions