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Two days old - very confident and ready for action!


Beltano ( Rheinland / dark brown / 1,68)

Beltano is Weltica's first foal. We have very much been looking forward to the result of this pairing and
are not disappointed. 
The little dressage prospect was very lively and determined from his first minute, so that he was up on
his feet quite quickly. Weltica was such a relaxed and competent mother that it is hard to believe that 
Beltano was her first foal. 
Currently Beltano has started his training under the saddle. He shows an impressive balance that combined
with his great coolness and at the same time good attention makes everything so easy - made by Belissimo.
His phantastic hindleg will make things so much easier once he comes up to the more advanced dressage
Beltano has meanwhile arrived in his new home in England. We wish him all the best and his future
rider as much pleasure with him as we had. One could not wish for a nicer temperament to ride or a better
character to handle.



Belissimo, highest priced horse at the westfalian auction 2002, 30 days test winner with exceptional
result ( 9,25), Bundeschampion 2003 as a 4 year old and Vice- Bundeschampion of the six year old
dressage horses
. In 2006 impressive start as a breeding stallion with 11 approved sons out of his first
croup of foals and up to now 42 approved sons in Oldenburg, Hanover and Westfalia.
The breeding balance of this young stallion already includes not only highest priced horses at auctions
( Bentley 310 thsd Euro Verden) and 5 Bundeschampions ( Benicio 2011,Bacchus von Worrenberg 2008, Blickpunkt and Preziosa 2009), but also not less than 11 performance test winners! Belissimo himself 
returned to the sport in 2011 and won immediately international competitions up to Intermediare I under
Hayley Beresford.
His pedigree combines the sought-after Bolero blood with that of the DLG Exhibition winner Romadour II,
founder of an outstanding dressage dynasty. Lucius xx on the dam's side and Black Sky xx on the
father's side contribute valuable thoroughbred blood. Belissimo's father Beltain comes out of one of
the most well known lines of the Hannoverian breed. His mother state premium mare Gänseliesel
(Grande) is the full-sister of Garibaldi I and II as well as the granddam of the approved brothers
Wolkenstein I, II and III.
Belissimo's mother, the state premium mare Roxa won the district show as a 3 year old and gave birth
to 3 siblings from Boss (also Bolero line),  all winners of  Dressage competitions up to S level. Two
daughters of Roxa received a state premium, the full-sister of Belissimo M  Belissima and Ambra from
Amant, herself mother of a breeding stallion (Cinamant K, Private Stallion Westf.).

Welticas family is the well known family of the elite premium mare Cileste. Cileste is one of the most
successful broodmares in Oldenburg and well known for her special relation to Weltmeyer, who is also
Weltica's father. She produced together with Weltmeyer the exceptional number of 6 approved stallions 
(Welt Hit's I-VI), and more recently one more approved son with Donnerhall (Donnerhit).
Cileste is a daughter of the irish thoroughbred Hill Hawk xx, who was very successfully used in
warmblood breeding. Her grand sire Harald from Haladin ox adds more special blood and a valuable
arabian influence to the pedigree. Cileste's mother line has furthermore delivered the stallions Granilli
(v Grannus), Tullamore (v Torero), Wolgatraum (v Woronesch) and Herannus (v Grannus).

Weltica's mother is Cileste II, the oldest daughter of the El.Pr.St.Cileste, she is a state premium mare
and reached as a 3 year old the final round at the Oldenburg elite mare show the so called 'Brilliantring'.
Cileste II was highly successful in her mares test achieving a score of 9.5 out of 10.0 for rideability from
the test rider.
Still at the beginning of her breeding carreer she has also already proven her quality as a brood mare.
In 2003 she was able to present the outstanding winning filly at the german national foal championship.
Weltica's grand sire is De Niro, hannoverian stallion of the year 2008 and one of the most popular sons of
the successful line founder Donnerhall.

Weltica's father is the hannoverian line founder Weltmeyer, stallion approval and stallion test winner.
He has produced over 100 approved sons, 311 state premium mares as well as countless successful
sport horses. In addition to three sons of Cileste successful up to Grand Prix we would like to list only as
a few examples Weltall ( Martin Schaudt ), Wie Weltmeyer ( Emma Hindle ), Warum nicht ( Isabell Werth ),
Wall Street, Wolkentanz II and Worldly.